Saturday, November 22, 2014


Meet Louis Perrotta

URI Theatre I By Diana Savino

This past week, I was able to sit down with URI senior, Louis Perrotta. He is playing Brian in URI’s production of Avenue Q, which is his favorite role yet! Perrotta is looking to get a degree in theatre with an acting concentrate.
“I was pretty pumped to do a musical. I’m not the biggest musical guy, but I really like it. It’s a cool thing to be a part of, ”Perrotta said. It’s a bit of a funny story how Louis originally got into acting. He explained he first got into theatre in high school. “I had a football injury actually and couldn’t play, so I had some friends in the theatre, and there were girls, and I did it and boom… it’s like a drug. Getting in front of that crowd… it’s amazing. It was a freak thing, but it’s weird how things work out”.
Perrotta explained his current role in Avenue Q as different from his past roles because it’s musical theatre, so it’s more over the top and a little bit of overacting. “But in some ways some of the things I say in the script is what I would actually say in real life a lot of the time. The only big difference is the fact that in musical theatre you’re talking and talking then all of a sudden you start dancing and singing”. This role in Avenue Q is the one role that Perrotta is most proud of because although he’s done musicals before, this is a character he can actually relate to on a different level.
“I think when you’re playing a character, it’s the character, but It’s also you. You embody the character, but you always bring your own self otherwise, it’s just pretend. You have to make the part your own. No matter what it is, comedic, dramatic or any of the in between, you have to find what speaks to you and you have to see if you’re close to the character or not. You have to find out why they are the way they are and what purpose their part serves. I always bring a part of myself into my roles”.
As for his character Brian, they are already pretty similar… to a certain extent. “He’s an average-joe kind of dude, aspiring comedian, he thinks he’s funny but most people don’t. He found his true love, Christmas Eve, who just berates him.  I honestly don’t know why she stays with him, I guess because she loves him”.

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