Saturday, November 15, 2014


Newport Children’s Theatre

URI Theatre I by Brianna Penta

Newport Children's Theatre performing Oliver in 2014
Are you seeing signs of theatrical promise in your child? Are they interested in the performing arts? If that’s a yes, then don’t be afraid to bring them down to Newport Children’s Theatre located in Newport, Rhode Island. This theatre can help to develop young people’s skills in a very welcoming and warm environment. Newport Children’s Theatre’s mission statement highlights this attribute and is stated as follows:

Newport Children's Theatre and Newport County Teen Repertory Company are dedicated to enriching the lives of young people by offering opportunities in the performing arts that engender self-confidence, inspire both individual expression and ensemble teamwork, and provide positive role modeling, thereby encouraging community outreach through quality theatrical productions for children, teens and families.

This performing arts center was not always geared to young children. In 1980, members of the community theatre group Newport Player’s Guild realized that there was a lack of theatre spirit for children and families in Newport so a Newport Theatre was formed originally with adult actors. The following year, the theatre started a summer theatre workshop program that turned out to be very successful. In the process of starting this workshop program, the NCT formed a very good relationship with St. Michael’s Country Day School, which lasted almost two decades.

Teen Repertory Students 2012 spent the day in New York City!
John Cunha (left) is performing at the URI Theatre's production of
 "Avenue Q" as Trekkie Monster
Noticing the interest that a lot of the children had in theatre and seeing how popular the end-of-session performances were, the NCT officially became a “youth theatre”, and began holding open auditions for young children interested in acting who were age 8 and older for productions that took place in the spring and in December.By 1992, up to 90 children were auditioning for each show. The Newport County Teen Repertory- a year-long program that allowed actors between the ages of 13-18yrs a chance to take part in more learning opportunities at the next level- was formed and created for further enrichment about theatre through workshops, touring performances to schools, technical theatre opportunities, libraries, and community centers.

The NCT hosts many programs such as the Teen Repertory, Budding Actors, Prep for Rep, beginner ballet, and many more. They also host multiple camps that take place during all the seasons. The Shakespeare Camp and Annie Camp 2013 are just a few. Previous shows that the NCT have performed are Snow White, Peter Pan, Oliver, Thoroughly Modern Millie, and many more. Look out for NCT’s upcoming events such as Beginner Ballet held Novemeber 6th - January 9th and Holidays with James Winter Theatre Camp from Decmeber 27th – 30th.

Tara O’Hare Gnolfo, the Newport Children’s Theatre Artistic director, expressed her love for the performing arts center. “Our performances, while entertaining countless audiences, have provided a platform in which our young actors can feel the joy of performing in front of a live audience. The learning gained through the rehearsal process and performing live is invaluable.”

To learn more about the Newport Children’s Theatre visit their website http://www.newportchildrenstheatre.com/home

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