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Meet Belmay Brophy-Baermann

URI Theatre I By Brianna Penta

Center-left: Belamy Brophy-Baermann as Douglas
Photo by Randy Osga
As we approach the ending run of the Theatre Department’s latest production Seminar, which opened October 9th, I was fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to snag Belamy Brophy-Baermann, a student at URI who plays one of the lead roles as Douglas. Excited and anxious about the play, Baermann was happy to talk about his preparation for Seminar and about his awesome experiences so far at URI with the Theatre Department.

Seminar, written by Theresa Rebeck, features four, young, aspiring novelists who are looking to improve their skills in the hopes of becoming professional writers. In pursuit of their dreams, they hire Leonard, a well-known and talented writer who assists them by critiquing their work. Not only do they receive his well credited advice, but they also get a glimpse of the reality of being a professional writer through his blunt personality and reckless direction. Taking place in one of Manhattan’s Upper West Side apartments, this sexy, comedic, and intriguing story will have you on the ground laughing leaving its viewers yearning for more.

As previously stated, Baermann plays the role of Douglas, one of the post-graduate students who hopes to turn his dreams of being a writer into a reality. Being an intellectual and sophisticated young man with a plethora of experience in the writing industry, Douglas truly feels as though he has a great shot at pursuing this career. “He's lived a pretty comfortable life, and is very confident in his writing ability. He's already spent time at very exclusive writers' communities. He really thinks he is on the verge of making it as a fictional writer,” says Baermann. 

Left: Belamy Brophy-Baermann as Douglas
Photo by Randy Osga
When aware of his success in obtaining the role as Douglas, Baermann explained his reaction. He was so excited because it was his first time being cast in a main stage show. “This is actually my first role here, so I’m really excited to bring Douglas to life!” In order to achieve this, Baermann planned on drawing from his own experiences. Understanding who Douglas was through deep thought and hard work definitely aided in his ability to build Douglas as a character. He was able to share his thoughts and strategy as an actor.

“It may not be me out there, but I certainly bring an aspect of myself to the character. I think that's what makes him a believable person.”

 Although this may be Baermann’s first role here at URI with the Theatre Department, he feels as though the success of the production is dependent upon the dynamic of the actors as an ensemble. “All the characters have to be really switched on to keep the play flowing well.” However, he does admire his fellow cast member playing the role of Leonard for performing an incredibly long and detailed monologue that he describes as quite challenging.

With the decision to switch his major to Theatre just last year, Baermann is really happy with his choice. Not only can he feel the development of his skills, but describing the theatre community as warm and welcoming was definitely an understatement. Baermann states with a sense of gratitude, “It's a really close community, and since I've become a major I've really felt at home with my classmates.”

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