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Meet Ben Rose

URI Theatre I By Brianna Penta

URI Alumni Ben Rose with his fourth grade class
“In theatre, nothing is guaranteed: roles, salary, positions, even relationships. The same applies for any position in any company or workplace setting. If you go for a position within a new or familiar company, there is no guarantee you will get it, or if you are even qualified for the position you want. URI Theatre taught me to never place yourself automatically in any position, and if you do not get placed in the role or position you want, all it means is that there are more experiences yet to be had, with more opportunities on the way.”

A confident and wise statement spoken from a warm-hearted soul. These are the words of Ben Rose, a URI alumni who graduated in 2010 with a Theatre major and concentration in acting. Ben was able to share some memories and provide advice for young theatre students.

Although Rose graduated with a theatre degree and a concentration in acting, his current career title truly illuminates his thoughts and beliefs on how theatre prepared him for the outside world, which is also highlighted in the first paragraph. One could never have predicted the possibility of a graduate with a theatre major becoming an elementary school teacher, but Rose defied all odds. After earning his Masters of Arts in Elementary Education, Rose became a fourth grade elementary school teacher at a public school in Phoenix, Arizona. One might say a little off the beaten path but Rose would call it, “Attempting a new endeavor.”

Nevertheless, Rose carries theatre and his theatre experiences with him wherever he goes. One of those places is inside his fourth grader’s classroom. He shares how he connects learning with theatre.
“In the classroom, I use theatrical concepts and tactics all the time. I have my acting and improvisational skills to help keep my children motivated and wanting to come to school. We sing, dance, and role play on a daily basis - and I usually get quite the theatrical class every year! I also incorporate reader's theatre into several lessons throughout the year, at the holidays especially. I also teach an after school theatre club for 4th and 5th grades.”

Showing a genuine love for teaching, Rose understands how to connect with children on a level they can be understood. Selling the scientific method and percents in an engaging and exciting manner is one way he attempts to connect with his students.

URI Alumni Ben Rose and his fourth grade class

“I need to sell the standards and material I teach, otherwise how can the students grow to love the standards and material too?”

When asked what advice Rose would give to current and future URI Theatre students, he used himself as an example to show how stepping out of your comfort zone should be looked upon as a positive move. “I got into music composition, Theatre 100 teaching, house management, and box office management for 3 years, which added to my experiences as an actor. This made me a well-rounded theatre student.” As you can see, Rose was and definitely still is a firm believer in fearlessness when it comes to “outside of the box” adventures and trying new things on the outskirts of your element.

Rose is proud of his memories of managing the box office for three years in a row along with assistant managing during his freshman year. Rose is also proud of a production that he participated in during his sophomore year called Not Enough Rope, by Elaine May.

“I learned that stillness and honest reactions can prove more powerful and comical than camp and cheese,” states Rose.

However, his favorite memory would have to be times when in between classes and rehearsals, he would sit in the FAC lobby and hang out with his fellow classmates. He was touched by the experiences that were shared among them.

“The laughing and crying together and in support of one another was magical, and I miss it dearly.”
Rose plans on obtaining his Masters of Education in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages at Grand Canyon University. We wish him the best of luck and hope that the world provides him with all the happiness and comfort he deserves.

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